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Mission Viejo Fly Control

North America has its share of flies; over 16,000 actually. Most people think flies only live a few days; they actually live anywhere from eight days to over two months!

Every state in the U.S. has to deal with these pests. Home and business owners should realize that if they don’t take care of their fly problem quickly, the flies can multiply to over one million in just a few weeks.

Facts on Mission Viejo Flies

Flies are loaded down with germs and filth. Since they constantly touch garbage, feces, and other dirty areas, they pick up millions of bacteria and all sorts of disease. When they land, they spread this disease to you. Be aware that when a fly touches food, eating utensils, counter tops, and any other surface that we might touch, we can contract disease. These diseases can range from common problems like food poisoning and diarrhea up to serious diseases like meningitis.

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