Mission Viejo Mosquito Control

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Mission Viejo Mosquito Control

Mosquitoes are actually responsible for more human deaths than any other pest or animal. These annoying pests also have become very familiar with living in a city environment particularly in the Mission Viejo area.

Most folks don’t realize that mosquitoes cannot be completely eliminated from a site. We will reduce your mosquito population by around 80%. Home and business owners would love to see these pests completely removed, but unfortunately no control service can offer this.

Our technicians will visit your site to do a thorough inspection. They will find the source and also determine what type of mosquito they are dealing with.

Our professionals always make sure to kill larva as well as adult mosquitoes. Don’t let these pests run wild on your property. Call us at 949-421-0135 today!

Mission Viejo Tick Control

Mission Viejo Tick Control 949-421-0135

Mission Viejo Tick Control

Our company provides expert service on eliminating ticks from the Mission Viejo area.

Ticks are actually arachnids, and they feed on the blood of mammals and sometimes reptiles. These disgusting pests also carry diseases, which can include Lyme Disease and even Q Fever. Their eggs are also carriers of diseases and will infect the host very quickly.

You probably won’t even know you have a tick bite because they normally cause no pain. There are also no symptoms, making them even more difficult to detect. However, they are still spreading whatever diseases they might be carrying.

If you have a tick problem, call us at 949-421-0135 today and we will be happy to assist you!

Mission Viejo Beetle Control

Mission Viejo Beetle Control 949-421-0135

Mission Viejo Beetle Control

A lot of different types of beetles exist in the Mission Viejo, California. Mission Viejo Pest Control can remove most beetles on your behalf quickly and efficiently.

Lots of people today have had to address beetles. Beetles could be an uncomfortable situation to have. They are an irritating insect to deal with considering that the beetles destroy plants and flowers.

Mission Viejo Pest Control is able to take care of the beetles you could possibly have inside of your property. Beetles may actually eat plants and flowers and can be hard to eliminate.

Don’t allow beetles continue being in your personal property. Beetles will lay eggs producing a larger issue if they are not dealt with at once. Call us at 949-421-0135 today!

Mission Viejo Cricket Control

Many home and business owners struggle with crickets. Crickets are a pain because they can be hard to capture. Crickets will also lay eggs within your home or business, creating an even larger problem. Call Mission Viejo Pest Control at 949-421-0135 to put an end to your cricket problem!

Mission Viejo Fly Control

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Mission Viejo Fly Control

North America has its share of flies; over 16,000 actually. Most people think flies only live a few days; they actually live anywhere from eight days to over two months!

Every state in the U.S. has to deal with these pests. Home and business owners should realize that if they don’t take care of their fly problem quickly, the flies can multiply to over one million in just a few weeks.

Facts on Mission Viejo Flies

Flies are loaded down with germs and filth. Since they constantly touch garbage, feces, and other dirty areas, they pick up millions of bacteria and all sorts of disease. When they land, they spread this disease to you. Be aware that when a fly touches food, eating utensils, counter tops, and any other surface that we might touch, we can contract disease. These diseases can range from common problems like food poisoning and diarrhea up to serious diseases like meningitis.

Don’t mess around with flies; call us at 949-421-0135 today for professional guidance on exterminating these pests!

Mission Viejo Stink Bug Control

Mission Viejo Stink Bug Control 949-421-0135

Mission Viejo Stink Bug Control

Stink bugs fit in to the order of Hemiptera. Not sure what a stink bug is? They are most commonly distinguished by their distinctive mouth-parts made for piercing and sucking. They are shaped like a shield with a straight antennae and are usually green or brown.

Such as the marmorated stink bug with an unique brown color and shield-like physique ranging from 12 to 17 mm in length. This specific kind will have lighter colored bands on the antennae and dark bands on their front wings.

A female stink bug may well produce twenty to 30 offspring all the way through a season. Just 4-5 days later the offspring will hatch and nymphs will certainly begin the process of feeding nearly instantly. By the autumn season, these nymphs will be fully grown, making a huge stink bug problem.

Mission Viejo, California Stink Bugs

The majority of stink bugs are vegetable and fruit eaters. Individuals who have gardens are most likely familiar with stink bugs for this reason. Stink bugs use their sharp mouths to stab the food for their meal. They will feed until they are full, then wander away. They often leave marks on the fruit and veggies they were eating.

Think an Infestation Has Occurred?

You will certainly understand if you have a problem of stink bugs once you start seeing them everywhere come Autumn. The exterior side of one’s home is heated from the sunshine and may most likely include many of these little annoying bugs. Should you discover signs of stink bugs near your garden, you can be fairly certain there are more you have not discovered.

Mission Viejo Stink Bug Prevention

Preventing stink bugs is very similar to how you would prevent any small insect from getting into your home. Here are a few ways to keep stink bugs at bay:

Inspect doors and windows for fractures; secure with caulk. Fix any door and window screens that has damages or gaps. Ensure weather strip protection is established around doors and windows. The crawl space and attic air vents should likewise be screened to halt pest entry..

Call Mission Viejo Stink Bug Control for Stink Bug Treatments

It is simple to guard your home from unwanted stink bugs and prevent an infestation inside. They are distinct parasites during that they do not require food while sheltered in winter season and won’t replicate at this time either. You may find them inside during the winter season if your home is warm and it’s an uncommonly warm than usual day. But most likely, you won’t notice them until the Spring season.

If the stink bugs are getting to be way too much to handle it truly is time to get in touch with Mission Viejo Stink Bug Control at 949-421-0135 to care for the issue.

Mission Viejo Flea Control

Mission Viejo fleas

Contact us at 949-429-0135 for flea removal!

At Mission Viejo Pest Control, we receive many complaints about fleas. That is because this pest is a terrible bother, and no one should put up with their presence. Mission Viejo does provide treatment for most types of fleas. These insects are actually wingless, and they use their mouths to suck blood from their host.

Mission Viejo fleas can become embedded within a man or woman’s head of hair in a mere 10 minutes. Embedded fleas will cause great itching and pain.

Let Mission Viejo Pest Control treat your flea problem now! Let professionals cure your home and family of this issue right away. If you have spotted one flea, you can be certain that there are many more in the house. Call Mission Viejo Pest Control at 949-429-0135 today!

Mission Viejo Ant Removal

No one enjoys having an ant infection in their house. Mission Viejo Pest Control provides ant treatment for the Mission Viejo area, as well as for surrounding cities.

Mission Viejo pest control

Contact us at 949-429-0135 for ant removal.

There are many different species of ant in the Mission Viejo area. You may be noticing a variety of kinds. Before you make a decision to go with any Mission Viejo ant removal company to handle your ant issue contact us at 949-429-0135 to discover what to look for when hiring a Mission Viejo pest control company.

Mission Viejo Cockroach Removal


mission viejo cockroach

Don’t let cockroaches take over your home, call us at 949-429-0135 today!

Mission Viejo is known to have problems with cockroaches. So many people are ashamed to admit they have a cockroach problem, and many times, it is not even their fault! Neighboring homes are many times, the culprit. If neighboring homes are dirty or abandoned, cockroaches will breed and flourish. When all food supplies run low, they will leave their current nests and come into your house to search out more food.

Our exterminators will solve your problem with roaches and keep them from coming back!

Mission Viejo Cockroaches

Since cockroaches can adapt so well, they can be particularly hard to kill.

Mission Viejo roaches are filthy, disease ridden creatures. Roaches will carry germs onto food, and also onto cooking utensils and dishes. You are more than likely to contract illnesses if you have cockroaches.

Preventing Mission Viejo Cockroaches

Roaches can access homes easily because they go through any crevice they can find. Step one for cockroach prevention is to plug up all holes with caulk. Look for these crevices around windows, piping, and doors. Also, remember to scrap all loose cardboard and paper; roaches love to hide in these sorts of scraps!

Remove Cockroaches in Mission Viejo

We do not recommend using common chemicals found in stores to treat your roach problem; they normally just waste time and money. Give us a call at 949-429-0135 today and we’ll send out our Mission Viejo cockroach professionals to get rid of your problem.

Mission Viejo Bees, Wasps, & Hornets

Mission Viejo bee removal

Don’t risk treating bees on your own, call us at 949-429-0135 today!

Stinging insects are very common in Mission Viejo. Mission Miejo Pest Control has the bee and wasp removal experts you are looking for! To see if our services are right for your issue, just call us at 949-429-0135.

We are experienced at exterminating all varieties of stinging insects; this includes yellow jackets, wasps, honey bees, and even hornets. We focus on both removal of the current problem, and also prevention to keep the problem from coming back. Our professionals always take away any insect messes as well; this includes nests and also insect feces.

Check out these tips for dealing with stinging insects:

        -For the most part, stinging insects will not attack unless threatened. Simply stay away from nests, and the insects will stay away from you.

        -Be certain to hire a company that will take out both the insects and also their nests. This should always be included in the quoted price of service.

        -Never use common sprays and chemicals found in stores. These usually provide a non-permanent solution. They also offer no solution for removing nests and feces.

If the number of stinging insects seems to be on the rise at your property, you can best bet you have a nest nearby. This can mean up to 30,000 bees in just one nest! This proves to be a serious threat to family and friends. Its wise to see if the stinging insects are building a nest on your property.

Please get a hold of a professional if these insects build nests inside your home or building. We charge no inspection fee; we only ask for a good description of your situation over the phone in order to give an estimated quote for service. Our rates are flat, so there are no surprises in cost. Call us at 949-429-0135 right now and we’ll demonstrate why we’re the favored bee removal company in Mission Viejo.

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