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Stinging insects are very common in Mission Viejo. Mission Miejo Pest Control has the bee and wasp removal experts you are looking for! To see if our services are right for your issue, just call us at 949-429-0135.

We are experienced at exterminating all varieties of stinging insects; this includes yellow jackets, wasps, honey bees, and even hornets. We focus on both removal of the current problem, and also prevention to keep the problem from coming back. Our professionals always take away any insect messes as well; this includes nests and also insect feces.

Check out these tips for dealing with stinging insects:

        -For the most part, stinging insects will not attack unless threatened. Simply stay away from nests, and the insects will stay away from you.

        -Be certain to hire a company that will take out both the insects and also their nests. This should always be included in the quoted price of service.

        -Never use common sprays and chemicals found in stores. These usually provide a non-permanent solution. They also offer no solution for removing nests and feces.

If the number of stinging insects seems to be on the rise at your property, you can best bet you have a nest nearby. This can mean up to 30,000 bees in just one nest! This proves to be a serious threat to family and friends. Its wise to see if the stinging insects are building a nest on your property.

Please get a hold of a professional if these insects build nests inside your home or building. We charge no inspection fee; we only ask for a good description of your situation over the phone in order to give an estimated quote for service. Our rates are flat, so there are no surprises in cost. Call us at 949-429-0135 right now and we’ll demonstrate why we’re the favored bee removal company in Mission Viejo.

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